You are losing 1-2 months of sales from being out of stock

On average you spend over $210,000 per year to rank your products. You also spend 20 hours per month trying to figure out how many units to reorder. But products are still going out of stock and you are missing out on sales and growth. We email you once a week telling you which products need restocking.

14 reports delivered this week - restocking for $200M+ in annual sales - no credit card required
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Ran out of stock on prime day?


Are your sales spiky?

Have a big catalog? Child variations?

Tired of having to update excel sheets?

Amazon's restocking alerts not working for you?

Do you feel like you're out of control?

you need weekly restocking reports

"Besides for the forecasting that calculates my seasonality, this makes my life a whole lot simpler"

Jack, Pori Jewelry (private label seller)

"Before these reports, we were losing tens of thousands of dollars to stockouts. This is a life saver and a critical part of my operations."

Josef, Ferebe Supplies

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What you get

  • customizable reports

    We can tweak your lead times, reorder points, how far to look back, and your seasonality. Forecasting isn't a one size fits all. We tailor the report to your business.

  • Accurate Forecasting

    We analyze your sales history, stockout days, sales spikes, prime day, holidays, past inventory levels, and seasonality.

    We then use a mix of software and humans to forecast your future sales.

  • Seasonality Adjustments

    We go through your past sales and inventory levels and learns the highs and lows of your business. We then adjust the forecast accordingly.

  • 360 degree view of your inventory

    We show you your available inventory, reserved inventory, FC transfers, Inbound receiving and any working shipments.

  • Simple Reports, Not complicated Software

    We email you a custom report every week of which products need restocking and reordering. As simple as that. No need to learn a new software.

  • I want restocking reports!

Security and Confidentiality

Strong Encryption and Security

All data is kept secure using SSL and AES-256 end to end encryption. (that's the same encryption used by banks and the military)

Amazon App Store Approved

Amazon themselves audit every application to make sure data is stored and secured properly. (search oversight in the amazon appstore)

Complete Data Confidentiality

- We are not affiliated with any third party companies or anybody outside our organization.
- Your data is kept strictly confidential.
- You own your data and can have it completely destroyed upon request.

How It Works (3 minute setup)

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    Sign up for your restocking reports

    Connect your account using the mws api and we'll pull in inventory reports that go back one year. We'll do all the number crunching and calculating behind the scenes. We then review everything manually to make sure it makes sense.

    Connect amazon account
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    Receive your report

    Within 24 hours, you'll receive your first restocking report and a 5 minute personal video explaining all the calculations.

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    Modifications if necessary

    Every business is unique. You tell us which customizations you'd like to make to your report like lead times, reorder points, or new columns you want to see.

    Forecast settings
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    Restocking on Autopilot

    At the beginning of every week, you'll receive an updated report on which products need restocking and re-ordering. You'll wish everything was this easy.

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Let's put your restocking on autopilot so you never have to worry about it again.

Save hours every week, keep your best sellers in stock, maximize the ROI of your advertising spend and capture 10% more sales per year.

100% Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked

  • Enterprise

    Perfect for $20M+ Sellers
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      All Features in Weekly Reports Plan Plus:
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      Multi-Channel Restocking
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      Custom Integrations
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      Full Support
  • Weekly Reports

    Perfect for Established Sellers
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      Emailed Weekly Restocking Reports
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      Access to our Lost Revenue from Stockouts Tool
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      Seasonality Adjustments
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      Personal Onboarding Video
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      Premium Support
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      Full Catalog Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's put your restocking on autopilot so you never have to worry about it again.

no credit card required - Restocking for over $200M+ in annual sales - 14 reports delivered this week - signup takes 3 minutes

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